Allison Olson

Interesting things about Allison…

  • Allison likes to dedicate hertime back to the community. She received the Gold Presidential Service Award for donating 500 hours of time time from May 2016-March 2017.  She also has two family members with special needs that lived with her for most of her life, which has given her the opportunity to have a passion for working with and helping those with special needs.
  • Outside of Veterinary Medicine, she loves sports, especially Badger football (her family has season tickets) and the Packers.  She loves to travel, take road trips, spending time outside, riding her bike along the bike paths through out Madison and enjoying all the lakes the isthmus of Madison provides.
  • She has been to 38 of the 50 states, but never has been out of the country She also gets the hiccups at least once a day, and has an interest is social engineering.

Everyday that I am at Badger Vet I learn something new! Its great being in an environment that is teaching me knew things and letting me perfect the skills that I already have. I love being able to help animals that cannot speak for themselves and I am motivated to provide the best care possible for the pets that I see! I am part of a team that is supportive, encouraging, and fun to be around, making Badger a great fit for me!

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