Amanda Rusch

 Amanda Rusch, Large Animal Technician with Badger Equine Veterinary Services

Interesting things about Amanda:

  • Amanda knew she wanted to work with animals since she was 6 years old and has always had a passion for them.
  • She loves riding her Quarterhorse “Mystic” and my Gypsy/Shire “DuVessa”, taking her dog for walks, camping and trail riding with her horses, and playing sand and indoor volleyball.
  • Amanda eventually wants to travel with her horses and ride in mountains and fun trails around the U.S.

I love my job with Badger Equine because there is something new every day and even if things don’t go as planned, every case is super interesting in their own way. I also love meeting all of the horse people in the area and seeing what they do with their horses.

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