Laken Teubert, CVT

Interesting things about Laken…

  • Laken loves to participate in fundraising events.
  • She enjoys watching movies, bean bags,  grill outs, video games. concerts, and mud runs.
  • She drives a motorcycle (Suzuki GSXR), has a hedgehog and two leopard geckos.

I have been a CVT since 2011 and joined the Badger Crew in early 2016 after purchasing my first home! Since then Badger has been the perfect fit for me and this is why. I get to do what I love each day. I’m utilized to my fullest ability. I am part of a team full of compassionate wonderful friends. I get to see a variety of pets- I love dogs and cats but it’s great to see some scales, quills and feathers too! Every day is different, every day I’m learning and every day I’m thankful for where I’m at! 

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