Melissa Clarke

 Melissa Clarke, CVT

Interesting things about Melissa…

  • During Veterinary Technical Program, Melissa volunteered at Best Friends Animal (January 2015) and Heifer’s International (March 2016) for one week. She was apart of the Adoption Committee and Student Committee my second year within the Vet Tech Program.  
  • Melissa enjoys spending time camping and hiking at State and National Parks. She loves going to Wisconsin Badger games and favorite sport to watch is men’s hockey. 
  •  She is a huge book worm and loves flying with her older brother, both of whom have their private pilot license. 
  • Melissa loves spending time drawing realistic color pencil drawings of people.
  • She traveled to South Korea in 2014.

During the time I have been at Badger Vet, I truly enjoy working with my team. Even on the hard days we are there for each other to lean on. We are a small little family, who truly care about each other’s welfare in and out of the work place.

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