Small Animal Chiropractic Care

Is your four-legged family member struggling with pain or mobility issues? Could a chiropractic adjustment help?

Animal chiropractic care is a natural, gentle treatment approach for conditions at the root of your pet’s pain. It can be a great tool for improving quality of life, reducing inflammation, and improving performance and movement for athletic and show dogs.

Animal chiropractic care involves the strategic manipulation and readjustment of the body by a specially trained professional. Badger Veterinary Hospital has two doctors providing chiropractic care in Janesville and Cambridge — Dr. Margo Nolte and Dr. Toria Waldron.

Signs Your Pet Could Benefit From Animal Chiropractic Care

 Animal chiropractic adjustment on dog with Dr. Margo Nolte at Badger Veterinary Hospital-Janesville

How do you know if your pet could benefit from chiropractic care? Here are the most common signs:

  • Lameness, limping, or holding one leg up off the floor
  • Yelping with movement
  • Abnormal posture, such as the head always tilted to the same side or an unusual roundness of the back
  • Holding tail in an unusual position or an inability to wag or lift tail
  • Inability to reach the floor to pick up a toy or eat out of a dish
  • Avoidance maneuvers when someone reaches to pet him/her
  • Lack of energy or lack of interest in activity
  • Slowed movement

These signs can suggest that your pet is suffering from a pinched nerve, muscle spasm, arthritis, or swollen vertebral disc and may benefit from chiropractic treatment.

Animal Chiropractic Treatment

Before performing a chiropractic adjustment, the doctor of chiropractic or veterinarian certified in veterinary chiropractic examines your pet’s nervous system and the muscles and joints in the spine and extremities. If they find a joint that is not moving normally (“locked up,” “stuck,” or “fixed”), they treat the joint by using gentle adjustment techniques to restore normal joint mobility. This can include chiropractic manipulation, stretching, and physical therapy methods.

With mobility restored in a joint, it alleviates inflammation, improves nerve function, and reduces pain. The risk of degeneration in the affected joints is also reduced.

Animal chiropractic care isn’t limited to injured or sick pets. Healthy or athletic animals can greatly benefit from chiropractic care. For example, a pet who is sore from a long weekend of hiking could benefit from a chiropractic adjustment. Other applications for animal chiropractic care include:

  • Helping pets who are obese or elderly
  • Aiding in faster, more comfortable post-operative recovery
  • Helping with a wide variety of other health issues, such as incontinence, skin conditions, behavior problems, and gastrointestinal disorders
  • Keeping your pet healthy and balanced throughout his or her life

It important to note that chiropractic treatment does not replace traditional veterinary medicine. At Badger Veterinary Hospital, our animal chiropractor work in conjunction with veterinarians to treat the whole patient.